About noo noo

Combining our love of nature and simplicity to bring you a selection of beautiful and durable baby essentials for every day.  Our range of clothing and wooden goods are as natural as possible and made with kindness.    

When we say natural and kind, we mean natural and kind.  

The clothing’s raw white and brown coloured cotton grows on the plants in a natural coloured cotton farm.  No dyes, no bleach, no toxic fertilisers, no chemical pesticides are used from growing right through to the finished garment.  All teethers and garlands are simply wood and cotton from sustainable sources and made without nasties either. 

We love our environment.  All our packaging is either recycled or made from sustainable forests.   We use courier bags that are made from recycled plastics and can be recycled again!

noo noo is full of nature and as much kindness that we can jam in!